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About me / FAQ

I am a 22 year old Australian digital artist with a degree in graphic design.

With my parents working in graphic design and I.T, I grew up drawing, painting and playing computer games. I haven't changed much. I discovered Photoshop when I was around the age of 12, and began teaching myself from then on. Pretty much everything I know about Photoshop has been self-taught. 10+ years on and I still have that thirst for anything digital post-process. My passion to ameliorate new techniques and skills (whether it be digital or traditional, photography or painting) is immeasurable. Creating art is when I am most happy. I like looking back on previous works and seeing that noticeable improvement. The satisfaction of bettering myself and being able to instil certain thoughts, notions and states of mind is the sole reason I enjoy creating.

You can purchase prints/posters of my work from society6.com/imorawetz!

Q. What do you do?

A. At the moment I'm freelancing, so bits of everything.
I specialise in digital art; taking a blank image in Photoshop and painting with the brush tool

Digital painting is wonderful in the lack of restraint it provides to that of the virtual canvas: texture, stroke, brush type and flow, tone, composition, structure, artistic style... So much freedom can spawn from that single click of a button and without disruption to workflow or destructive mistakes.

Q. What programs/tablet do you use?
Do you paint traditionally?

A. I've always used Photoshop - at the moment I'm using PS CS6. I currently paint with a large Wacom Intuos5. I've painted traditionally before but I'm just nowhere near as confident and comfortable with it as I am with digital. I absolutely love traditional drawing.

Q. How do you achieve that 'gritty' look?
Is it specific brushes?

A. The standard brushes in PS are good and I use them quite often, but these days my primary brushes are custom ones downloaded from DeviantArt's resources section. I've grown to really enjoy incorporating realistic textures and elements into my work too.

Q. What camera/lenses do you use?

A. Canon EOS 500D, and I mostly use a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens.

Q. How do you edit your photos?

A. Curve adjustments are definitely the way to go. Here's how I usually set it up:

Note that the darkest areas have been lifted and the whites have been slightly lowered. I also darken the lower midtones and then alter the RGB sliders depending on the photo. Lastly, I sharpen with the Unsharp Mask.

Q. Do you sell prints?

A. You can buy posters, canvas prints, pillows, phone cases, apparel and more from
Society6 / RedBubble

Q. Do you trace your reference photos?

A. Nope - I use a lot of photo reference, but I set it up next to what I'm painting. I get likeness and proportion right with the help of a grid overlay.

Here's a video example:

(Monochrome painting session test from Vimeo)

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